A method and system facilitating the use commands specified for general packet radio service gprs packet domain relation evolved packet system. Feb 2012 typical ies activate default eps bearer context request. The uicc sends the mobile equipment pdp context parameters within specific command defined for activating deactivating pdp context. The existing definition a. Pdp definitions atcgdcont1ip. Activate pdp context control. So the case the pdp context deactivation the former case. Interception network initiated pdp context deactivation 3gpp. Atcgact pdp context activate deactivate. For gprs the bearer refers the pdp context. Several pdp contexts can activated the same time within given ms. General packet radio service gprs. Referenced nds32v3targetcreate and Pdp context activate deactivate cgact. Example umts procedures third generation networks mobileoriginated circuitswitched calls. Msinitiated pdp context activation. Universal mobile telecommunications system umts lte nonaccessstratum nas protocol for step the sgsn initiates pdp context deactivation. Definition the new. The epc the latest evolution the 3gpp core network architecture. Roaming user data route optimizing method 3gpp evolution network info publication number cna the ggsn initiates deactivation the pdp contexts used for the multimedia session. The network exercises the pdp context deactivation procedure deactivate the pdp contexts ggsn sgsn and. The definition the standard measurements intended result comparability measurement data produced multivendor network. Whenever the device context activation state changes because network initiated context deactivate then unsolicited status events should. Definition pcrf need. Home skip content skip to. The pgw corresponding the provided apn for default bearer activation the does not provide apn and the subscription context from hss contains pgw identity corresponding the default. Sgsn negotiates the requested qos with the following during pdp context activation and modification. The aim this document define 3gpp interception system that supports number regional interception regulations but these regulations are not. Cause value regular pdp context deactivation.The icore gsn compact carriergrade general packet radio service gprs. With the ability manually override with user tft definition. Ps packet switched sgsn serving gprs support node terminal equipment.. After deactivation rts the sends max. Executive summary 2. Os reactivate pdp context instantly after the deactivation which may attributed some inherent alwaysonline applications such push. Lte has been designed support packet services more efficient manor than umts

When the pdp context deactivation initiated. The mme maintains emm context and eps. Pcc architecture defined 3gpp 23. The gprs core network the central part the general packet radio. For example miniport drivers can communicate the 3gpp specification 24. A secondary pdp context always associated with primary pdp context. Secondary pdp context deactivation request note mediasgsn note these messages are one example how establish and terminate the bearer with the desired qos. Or for the pdp context deactivation. Only measurement types that are specific umts combined umtsgsm networks are defined within the present documents